Greenspace’s Demeter plugin expands the benefits of using Google Sketchup for early stage building design. Demeter provides Google’s Sketchup with the ability to energy analyse a building model within seconds. Demeter also allows for the importing and exporting of the industry standard file format, gbXML, allowing models from many different sources to be viewed, edited and analysed in Sketchup.

Demeter enhances Google’s Sketchup with the following features:

  • Assign properties to surfaces (e.g. surface types, opening types)
  • Identify enclosed spaces (e.g. rooms)
  • Assign surfaces to spaces
  • Contiguity checking to make sure that selected faces are enclosed
  • Integration with the UK and US versions of Green Building Studio allowing for localised energy reports
  • Import existing gbXML files (gbXML is an industry wide standard and has been adopted by some of the leading CAD vendors such as Autodesk, Graphisoft, and Bentley)
  • Export Sketchup models as gbXML
  • Export Sketchup models directly to GBS for instant analysis
  • Attractive 3D user interface using Rich Internet Application technologies including Adobe Flash and Flex