Autodesk went on a green shopping spree the last couple of month: After announcing the full aquisition of Green Building Studio now the acquisition of Ecotect was a surprise.

I hope all the resources behind Autodesk help leapfrogging innovation
in the building analysis and simulation field and it would be great if some of those items would be tackled:

  • manuals and tutorials
  • training being offered worldwide
  • better interface to BIM and CAD software (gbxml, IFC / Sketchup,  Archicad, Bentley, Nemetschek …)
  • file-linking of CAD models into ecotect (at least for non-thermal analysis / like 3ds max)
  • integration of building codes and rating systems
  • airflow simulaton integrated (not dependent on tools like NIST FDS or WinAir)
  • new language versions of ecotect (e.g. German, Spanisch, French, Chinese …)

… list to be extended

Read the Autodesk press release here: Autodesk Enhances Sustainable Design Capabilities With Acquisitions of Ecotect and Green Building Studio Analysis Tools