ParaCloud released version 1.0 of GEM, a simple to use design tool for components population. The software is able to populate mesh components over design models resulting in compex 3D models (e.g. a facade or a roof structure). ParaCloud Gem works with SketchUP Pro, TopMod, Rhino3D, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya, AutoCAD or any 3D software supporting OBJ, DXF and VRML 2.0.

ParaCloud GEM offers the following features :

  • Loading Mesh Component from any CAD software
  • Populating Mesh
  • Previewing populated Mesh
  • Exporting Populated Mesh as OBJ, DXF or VRML file formats

The output meshes created with ParaCloud GEM can be further edited in your CAD software to subdivide and smooth the mesh.

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