Rhiknowbot is a knowledge-based and component-based parametric modeling technology based on Rhino for constructing detail models of building masses, facades, roofs and other exterior building assemblies. It aims to make 3D modeling easy for users in all levels of familiarities with digital modeling. It helps designers efficiently explore design variations with very little manual operations and provides mechanism to store and accumulate design knowledge in digital formats.

Rhiknowbot works seamlessly with Rhino’s free-form double curving and curvilinear NURBS surface. It is especially useful in the early stage of design and helps designers evaluate alternative design solutions and output such solutions for presentational purposes.

Its capacities are:

  • Automate the process of digital construction of building facades, roofs and other exterior building assemblies (design automation).
  • Embed a number of excellent design components for readily use and provide mechanism for users to continuously build up such a component library (embedding knowledge and knowledge accumulation).
  • Generate (parametric) design variations in a very short time frame (increased efficiency).
  • Output 3D detail models for presentational purposes: 3D printings and renderings (design presentation).
  • Output data for further analytical studies and future reuses in new projects (Excel sheets).