You want to find out if your project site is close enough to public transit? (LEED credit 4.1 “Alternative Transportation: Public transportation Access” requirements are: Locate building within 800metres (0.5 miles) of a commuter rail, light rail or subway station or 400metres (0.25 miles) of 2 or more public bus lines offering frequent service).
Here is how you do it (works only where transit information is available in Google Earth):

  1. Go to your Google Earth options dialog and change “Show Lat/Long” to decimal degrees.
  2. Navigate to your project site and create a placemark
  3. Right click the placemark and open the placemark properties
  4. Open your web browser and go to to the KML Circle Generator
  5. Copy and paste the latitude and longitude values from the placemark into the “Center of circle” fields
  6. Adjust the Radius value to 800m and click GO and save the KML file to you computer
  7. Open this file with Google Earth
  8. Find the circle in your Places tree and right click and open the properties dialog to adjust style and colour values (e.g. colour: white, Width: 8, Opacity: 75%)
  9. Switch all Google Earth layers off exept “Places of Interest/Transportation”

If you did not find the commuter rail, light rail or subway station within your 800m circle just repeat these steps with a 400m circle and find out about bus stops only.
If you invoke the info bubble for one of the bus stop icons you will be provided with a link to Google Transit where you can even find out about the bus schedules.

I am not sure though if this map will be accepted as a LEED submittal.