Tensile Structures are fascinating buildings. Everyone who want to sketch such buildings, have the problem of the visualization of a structure.

Tensile Structures for Sketchup is a tool collection for the design of mechanical and pneumatically strained surfaces. You can download Soap Skin & Bubble now for free. Other tools are in development and will follow up in the near future:

the Tool produces the 3D form. It is an extended version of Soap Skin & Bubble by the following functions.

  • Visual modification of the net (move, rotate)
  • Boarder , ridge and vally cable
  • Anchoring cables
  • Manipulation of the net characteristics

Membrane Analysis

  • Membran forces
  • Cable forces
  • Anchoring forces

Support Structures Analysis

  • for rough cost precalculaion
  • Cutting Pattern for scale model
  • Cutting Pattern for model construction, not suitably for manufacturing prototypes

See this demo and video tutorial through YouTube