Even though a relative in name and content. The Bldg-sim mailing list is not affiliated with our blog but is run by the people behind onebuilding.org. It is a great source for users of building energy simulation programs.

… Building energy simulation programs allow users to estimate the energy use and operating cost of residential, commercial and other types of buildings. This allows engineers, architects and others in the building design trade to compare alternative designs and select the design that is cost justified. They are frequently used during the design process when choosing between alternatives in the components that make up a building including insulation level, heating and cooling distribution systems, furnaces, boilers and air conditioning equipment. Since the users of building energy simulation programs are spread across the world, this mailing list is an attempt to foster the development of a community of those users. Experienced and inexperienced users of building energy simulation programs are welcome and are expected to share their questions and insights about these programs.

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