The following proof of concept study is intended as a future visions of the utilization of Connected Urban Development pilot programs in urban environments. This vision of connected and sustainable urban development was created by MIT Mobile Experience Lab in collaboration with Cisco Systems – Internet Business Solutions Group.
The Connected Home of the future will incorporate an integrated approach to buildings and their interaction with occupants, the local community, and beyond. This demonstration of the Connected Home of the future incorporates smart energy solutions, automated services and efficiency measures to aid citizens lead more sustainable lives.
Technologies such as a Personal Travel Assistant, energy monitoring tools, TelePresence and social networking interactions, and energy grids for micro generation of energy across the urban community illustrate how citizens can play a positive and sustainable role in their urban landscape.

Connected Urban Development was born from Cisco’s commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative to participate in helping reduce carbon emissions. The founding CUD cities are: San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Seoul. In 2008 four new cities have joined the program – Birmingham, Hamburg, Lisbon, and Madrid – beginning a new phase for CUD and opening new avenues for collaboration in promoting smart urban environments globally.

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