Ecotect 2010 seems to be around the corner. It is obviously now called Ecotect Analysis 2010. See links below to download new interesting documentation on analysing Revit based design.

“Customers who add subscription to their Autodesk Ecotect Analysis software license can access the Autodesk Green Building Studio webbased service for the duration of their subscription and use the service to more quickly evaluate multiple design alternatives for energy efficiency and carbon neutrality…”

This seems like a great complementary addition and makes Ecotect an even more holistic tool. Does Green Building Studio provide weather data for outside the United States? Unfortunately I have not seen any information on new features yet.

Read the full post at – BIMBoom Revitlution. They are in the process of becoming the first Ecotect reseller in Florida and offer training anywhere in the US (and maybe Canada ;-)). Download the new Ecotect brochure, Ecotect with Revit Technical Userguide and the Ecotect FAQ for Customers from their website.