Autodesk has announced a maintenance release of its web-based service Green Building Studio that brings the following improvements:

  • Enable Simulation of Canadian Projects; This release features the much-anticipated ability to model projects in Canada with accurate Canadian weather files. Default Canadian utility costs have been included and are based upon the average rates for the largest city in each Canadian Territory.
  • Compatibility with  Revit 2010 Products; With release 3.5, the Green Building Studio web service introduces compatibility with Autodesk Revit MEP 2010 and Revit Architecture 2010.
  • Enhanced Stability; Release 3.5 greatly stabilizes the web service by resolving the issue of session logouts and allows multiple runs of large files without disruption.
  • Enhanced Usability; A number of upgrades have been introduced in this release to improve the users’ experience: Trial users who get added to a Corporate Account will now automatically have all of their projects and templates transferred to the Corporate Account. False failure message have been eliminated. A link to “Getting Started” in the support page as been updated; LEED Daylighting Calculations have been refined; Project Template functionality has been expanded; and improved analysis of complex geometries has been instituted. Green Building Studio web service now allows apostrophes on user names when registering.


Via Bimology