Most of us have heard about LEED for documenting the metrics of green choices in buildings. However, there have been many cases where a project with a high LEED rating still seems to miss the mark on being very green. How might we better measure the sustainability of buildings? What materials are in harmony with the principles of environmental health and justice? Nature designs with elegance and synergy while creating no waste, so we know it can be done! In the world of green building, the time for baby steps is past and the time for bold, monumental change is upon us. Jason is the driving force behind some of the most highly inspirational tools for facilitating this change, and joins me to discuss their beautiful simplicity and accessibility. We will also explore the myths and truths around the cost effectiveness of attaining sustainability in both our existing and new buildings from a Science based approach, and inspire you to join the race toward a shining goal!

From: The Living Shelter Café w/ host(s) Terry K. Phelan

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