The latest edition of the Virtual Environment software, version 5.9.1 has just been released and is now available for download along with the updated Revit plug-in.

This new version of the software is available for download through your Virtual Environment software installation via IES Online > My User Area.

The IES <VE> Revit plug-in is now compatible with Autodesk Revit Architecture and Revit MEP 2010 (as well as previous Revit products 2008 and 2009).
IES <VE> menu option is now replaced by extra buttons (Help, Guidance, IE Website and About) on the IES Toolbar.


The IES Model Room Check report is updated with two new columns to report Holes in Ceilings and Floors. This is because gbXML exported from Revit 2010 is improved and any room not bounded by a Ceiling, Roof or Floor element is now exported with an air gap where previously there was a solid ceiling or floor.
When a surface containing an air gap the full area of the surface is exported the Model Room Check will highlight this.

For Revit Architecture 2010 users the workflow using the IES <VE> toolbar is unchanged, however Revit MEP 2010 users should note that the Revit Export gbXML dialog is now used to Set Model Properties such as Building Type, Location and Constructions.
This can be easily accessed in Revit by selecting File >> Export >> gbXML. Settings are applied at Building, Zone or Room Level as in previous versions and then click ok to return to Revit. When this has been done use the IES Toolbar “Import Model” button to export the model to <VE> and then proceed with VE-Ware, IES Toolkits or <VE> Pro.

Some compliance issues regarding UK and Republic of Ireland codes have been updated as well.

Check out the Integrated Environmental Solutions website to find out more …