Chaos Software announced the official release of V-Ray RT for 3dsMax.

“The first interactive renderer of this kind for 3dsMax will be available for immediate purchase on June 1st, 2009.

Created with the busy and rigorous 3D artist in mind, this topnotch raytracing technology allows immediate interaction between the user and the virtual environment.  V-Ray RT follows the user’s actions while working on the scene and automatically and progressively generates a photorealistic preview of the scene. Designed to improve and fasten the artist’s work on the Texturing and Lightening stage V-Ray RT fully supports: Interactivity, Animation, Illumination, Global illumination, Shading effects, Texturing, Camera effects, Color mapping, and Distributed rendering.

On June 1st 2009 V-Ray RT will be on the market through our resellers’ network around the world. The official suggested end user price:

European Union: EUR499
World-wide: USD599

For a limited time only, during the V-Ray RT promotion stage, all users will be able to experience the speed and interactivity of our new product on the special price of:

European Union: EUR249
World-wide: USD299

In order to explore the rendering opportunities of V-Ray RT you must have installed V-Ray 1.50.SP3 or a later version…”

Click here to read the full information on V-Ray RT:

See two videos below on the interactive work-flow with 3ds Max. Be aware though that these two videos are quite dated as they were produced with pre-release versions of V-Ray RT and might not show the full functionality and performance.