You were looking forward to the new sleek user interface of the new Revit 2010 as well? Then you were disappointed because you could not memorize under which tab the function is you were looking for right now. You were just missing the visual cues on your screen with all the basic functions always visible? The concept of having the most used tools arranged around your workspace like a painters palette is just so helpful, especially for a user that has to deal with a whole ecosystem of tools on a daily base (and can not bother to memorize keyboard shortcuts for each and every application). I agree the old UI looked dated and was not flexible and customizable to suit different user profiles but it worked well. I would have hoped that we get at least one customizable user tab to collect the favorite tools and functions. Clicking through tabs to search and access functions is just time consuming. Let’s hope version 2011 will allow for a smoother workflow.

This flash tool from the guys at Revitize might help you to familiarize yourself with the new UI and help mitigate the impact: It’s a screenshot of Revit Architecture 2009.  You can click on any icon and it will show you where it’s located in the 2010 version. You can download “Where is my command” as a zip file or use it online. It works for Design Bar, Tool Bars and Menu commands.