I just came accross this interesting approach for web-based collaborative LEED tracking. Is anybody using this system or other web-based services. What are the benefits over using LEED Online?
This information was contributed by Houston Neal of Software Advice:
“Tracking LEED credits is a document-intensive process. Just ask any experienced LEED Accredited Professional (AP). Submittal documentation includes drawings, receipts, product spec sheets, photos, commission plans and more. Adding to the clutter, numerous project members will access and edit these documents.

Project management software, especially web-based systems, act as a repository for the storage and retrieval of critical project documents. Simply upload a document into the system, then attach it to the appropriate LEED-credit log. From there you can track the history of a document, see every change that has been made and who made it.
EADOC is a web-based system that offers LEED tracking functionality. This example screenshot shows LEED credit details for Indoor Environmental Air Quality (IEQ) 7.1. The page includes information on what materials were used, the project location and status of approval. More importantly, notice the attached submittal and drawing documents. These files provide a paper trail for proof of compliance…”

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