“AIA Seattle’s partners in the AIA+2030 Professional Series, the Integrated Design Lab and Better Bricks, are offering an education series this fall (and again next spring) to provide a deeper level of understanding about the key topic of climate analysis.

This course will focus on the practice of climate analysis for the purposes of designing more sustainable buildings and cities that respond to local site and weather conditions to reduce their use of energy while optimizing occupant comfort.

We will define what is meant by climate, examine its constituent variables, identify sources of data, and discover and evaluate tools and techniques to display, analyze, and interpret these conditions in a useful way. The interpretation of local climate conditions will specifically focus on graphic tools and techniques to understand key climate variables. These techniques will include the use of free and commercially available software packages, but importantly will include the use of manual digital techniques such as Excel or other data management programs that allow the user the greatest flexibility in interpreting results.

While much of the class will focus on the analysis of climatic data specific to individual building projects, the course will also begin to examine issues beyond the limits of the building envelope: microclimatic interactions between buildings, their landscape settings, and the local site specific weather conditions; and the role that changing climate conditions might play for the future of a more sustainable architecture.”

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