“A high-tech building covered on all sides with solar cells has won an international contest for the best home powered only by the sun.
Team Germany, which also won in 2007, took first place in the Solar Decathlon, beating out teams from Illinois and California.

At a ceremony Friday in Washington, D.C., the Department of Energy announced the winners of the competition, in which student teams designed and built solar homes on the National Mall. For the past week, the homes have been scored on architecture, market viability, and a number of objective measures, such as how much hot water the house can generate.
On the final day, Germany beat out its rivals by getting the highest score in the net metering contest, or the amount of excess electricity the home produced.”

Find out more about this fascinating competition and see more photos, videos and you can even download construciotn drawings and projects manuals on the wide range of approaches at the Solar Decathlon website ..

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