Tyson Ibele’s amazing free script will model and create complete cities, and even creates V-Ray Proxies and materials automatically.

Main Features:

  • Wide variety of structural controls.
  • Automated detail creation for things like windows, ledges, railings, balconies, etc.
  • Ability to generate a series of randomized buildings along a spline path.
  • Combined meshes can be turned into Vray Proxies during the generation process. The optimized view of vray proxies in the viewport allows for a much higher viewport framerate when displaying buildings. The better memory management for proxies allows for near limitless numbers of buildings in the scene.
  • When you generate with path quick-build on, you can opt to “Re-use” the quick-built buildings. What this does is keep re-using the set of buildings you’ve already made in future path generations. So….it can greatly speed up the process of adding more buildings elsewhere in your scene by re-using one’s you’ve already generated instead of making new ones. Of course, if your quick-build value is low you’ll see building repetition, but if it’s high this option can be a real time saver without noticeable problems like repeating building patterns.




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