“With the development of our plug-in to Google SketchUp and the expansion of our products to include more early design stage tools aimed at architects, interoperability with Macs is becoming increasingly important to our customers” commented Dr Don McLean, Founder and Managing Director of IES.  “I’m delighted that the <Virtual Environment> has now been successfully tested and proven to work on VM Fusion and Parallels virtualisation, as well as Boot Camp installations.”
VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop are the preferred virtualisation software for IES <Virtual Environment> installations on a Mac.
IES will now offer full technical support for <Virtual Environment> installations within Apple Mac environments which use VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop or the Boot Camp utility included within the latest Mac OS X.

The IES <Virtual Environment> integrated suite of building performance software supports energy analysis, energy load calculation, CO2 emission calculation, solar shading analysis, natural ventilation analysis, and much more – providing a very useful and effective approach to green building design and development.  IES’ services and products aid significantly in the provision of healthier and more energy efficient built environments.

The video shows how to export files from a Mac SketchUp installation into IESVE software using Parallels Desktop.