A webcast organized by gbxml.org was mentioned earlier on this blog. Now there will be a second free webcast titled “Using Green Building XML (gbXML) for Sustainable Building Design – Part II” on January 21, 2010 at 10:00 to 11:00 am PST.
Presented by gbXML stakeholders, this webcast will demonstrate how tools for Building Information Modeling (BIM) can integrate with various analyses software, using the interoperability of gbXML to help create more sustainable building designs. Presentations and product demos will include the following:

  • AutodeskR Revit Architecture, Autodesk Ecotect Analysis and Autodesk Green Building Studio
  • Graphisoft with Encina plug-in for gbXML
  • IES VE (Integrated Environmental Solutions Virtual Environment)
  • Trane Trace

Stephen Roth, Administrator of the gbXML Advisory Board and President of Carmelsoft will also discuss the current status of the gbXML and related activities.

For more information and to register please go to www.gbxml.org