Some days ago I was at the Vancouver Pecha Kucha Special Edition: Walk the Talk, Green Your City at the Queen Elisabeth Theatre in downtown Vancouver. The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is the home of the Vancouver Opera and Ballet BC and seats 2,929 people at maximum capacity.
It was a sold out event and the spirit was great. I have never seen so many bicycles in one spot before in Vancouver as there were parked in front of the theatre (except Critical Mass events). It felt like a hint of Amsterdam.

This event was sponsored in part by the City of Vancouver and UBC for Vancouver’s ‘Greenest City 2020 Conversation. Go to to learn more; feedback and ideas are very much appreciated.

Even though short on financial or regulatory details, great intentions were formulated. The action that follows will serve as a great field study for other cities that want to go a similar route. Lets take that spirit and transform it into action!

See a selection of speakers that are related to the built environment below here on this blog. For more good talks of that night go to the Vancouver CityHall’s Youtube channel ..

BTW even the energy standards for buildings are way below European requirements and there are a lot of gas guzzlers on the road according to a study that you can download at the United Nations Environment Programme Vancouver already scores more similar to world cities like Oslo and Stockholm in regards to carbon per capita in comparison to other Canadian cities. This was just a quick web research and I am not comfortable with the statistics and how comparable these numbers are. Please let me know if you find out more on metrics and numbers ..

Dr. John Robinson / Executive Director – UBC Sustainability Initiative

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson

David Ramslie / Sustainable Development MGR – City of Vancouver

Mark Holland / Planner – HB Lanarc

Eesmyal Santos-Brault / Director – The Hive, Principal – Recollective

Ifny Lachance / Cycling Advocate and Community Organizer