Project Vasari is a simple conceptual modeling tool with cloud-based sustainability analysis. To see what’s new in this update, check out the what’s new page.

The image above shows the new Wind Rose function. It is basically an Ecotect / Weather Tool -like wind rose that is imported as family into the model. You can show averaged values over the course of a year or drill down to monthly values (Only that the one shown above does not meet my own plausibility test; with a major portion coming from the NNE in Vancouver, BC, this can not be right, there must be some issue with the location or weather data). Please let me know if you find out what the issue could be…
One highlight is the integration of Project Nucleus.
Coming originally out of Maya Project Nucleus can simulate a wide range of physical phenomena in real time, like wind, gravity, constraints, and collisions. These forces can help architects generate free-form shapes, many of which would be impossible to model by hand. Please note that the Nucleus tab only appears in Project Vasari while you are editing a loadable family (RFA file) as opposed to being in a project (RVT file).

Project Vasari on Autodesk Labs

The download of Vasari is an EXE that you simply place on your computer and run – no install.
See the video below and the links in the text for more info (via It’s Alive in the Lab)