Now we are in business, that’s what I am hoping the BIM approach in early design will do for creating new responsive building designs. Here is two examples I come across lately. What else is possible?

Louvers that Know Their Orientation:

“Do your shading devices know where they’re at?  Well they should.  In New England, we like a nice big shade on the South, almost nothing on the North, and a whole lot of medium in between, maybe we add some verticals if we’re smart.  Seems simple enough, so how do you get your shades to be a little self aware?” Via buildz ..

Self Adjusted Panel Openings:

“I was excited to read about Zach’s “Louver that know their orientation” blog, and I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I can have a panel with an openings that would adjust its opening size according to it’s orientation. Such that the North and East side would have large openings and South and West side would have much smaller openings?” Read more on Fun Xploration ..