The USGBC’s LEED Pilot Credit Library and the public comment version of LEED 2012, which is being developed right now, include nine new pilot credits for Integrative Process and Materials & Resources. Pilot Credit 48: “IP – Discovery: Analysis to Support Integrative Process” is specifically asking to conduct analyses to develop an understanding of key issues like “massing and orientation”, solar gain on facades, and roof”, “insulation”, “glazing characteristics”, “window to wall ratio”, lighting power density”, “operational parameters” and “thermal comfort ranges”
Besides the energy related issues as well a water balance analysis and a comprehensive site analysis would be part of the credit requirements.

The formulated intent is to encourage project teams to gather data, conduct analyses, and develop an under-standing of key issues to be considered before decisions are made on design and building form to support integrative approaches aimed at achieving a high level of performance.

Go to the  USGBC’s LEED Pilot Credit Library to download this proposed credit. You can download the full LEED 2012 draft versions here ..