There seem to be three free solutions for viewing and even converting Green Building eXtensible Markup Language (gbXML) geometry out there. Let me know if there is more out there..

  • From the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology comes the FZKViewer that visualises IFC, CityGML and gbXML
  • DDS-CAD Viewer is now able to visualise gbXML files as well amongs others (View Ifc, IfcZip, gbXML, DWG and DXF. Export Ifc, IfcZip, DWG, DXF, DWF and 3DS).
  • You can use gModeller plugin for Google Sketchup to import your gbXML file and view the rendered model in 3D. You can also use this to make changes to the gbXML file and then export it. You can get more information on gModeller here: greenspaceLive – gModeller