The balancing process according to DIN V 18599 has been frequently criticised because of its complexity and time-consuming application. Calls to simplify the process came soon after the pre-standard series was first published. As part of a research project, the Excel-based EnerCalC tool has now been developed that is particularly suited for characterising buildings in terms of their energy use during the preliminary design phases.

The EnerCalC Excel tool was created as part of a dissertation written for the Department of Building Physics and Technical Building Services at the University of Wuppertal and was used to develop and validate simplification methods based on the balancing rules provided by DIN V 18599. The tool is based on Excel and uses macros. It runs with the Excel 2007 and 2010 PC versions.

See this article at the EnOB website to find out more

“Buildings of the future” is the guiding concept behind EnOB – research for energy-optimised construction (the name EnOB is an abbreviation of the equivalent German term Energieoptimiertes Bauen). The research projects sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology involve buildings that have minimal primary energy requirements and high occupant comfort, with moderate investment costs and significantly reduced operating costs.