The guys from Micrographics out of Port Elizabeth in South Africa have uploaded a video describing how to satisfy SANS 204 (South Africa National Standards) requirements using Revit schedules. To satisfy the calculations for this standard they say you don’t have to leave Revit:

  • The BIM model, can easily contain all the required thermal properties of all building elements.
  • Parametric scheduling in Revit can then be used to perform the calculations.
  • Providing the calculation results, together with your proof (the actual calculations), can be easily managed by Revit documentation tools.

“It’s taken about a month and a half of hard work to get this template to where it is today. It’s still developing and has some work yet to be done, but our aim is to haveit ready by end January 2012 for the market. In order to aid this development, we have created the blog at The aim of the blog is to facilitate the development of the template in line with your requirements. So please, visit the blog, read the articles, watch the videos. Then, PLEASE provide feedback. There is a comments section on the blog which we hope will facilitate a collaborative process. Please make use of it. Your feedback will then drive the required changes to the system. It’s something you will be using, so the more you comment, the more user specific the functionality can become.”