“The aim of the first symposium on computation for sustainable architecture and urbanism is to discuss information-based approaches that augment design processes and decisions towards sustainable buildings and cities.
To increase the impact it is important to develop methods and strategies that go beyond mere imagery, to identify fields where information technologies can contribute towards a more sustainable building stock.”

This conference took place on July 1st this year in Zurich, Switzerland. The chair of Architecture and Sustainable Building Technologies at the ETH in Zurich Switzerland made it happen.
For more information please visit: www.suat.arch.ethz.ch. To download slides and videos please go to this location: www.suat.arch.ethz.ch/en/slides-and-videos

Via the ETH Multimedia Portal ..

Welcome Address
01.07.2011, Schlueter, Arno


Urban Scale: Evolutionary Urban Design Optimization
01.07.2011, Frazer, John


Urban Scale: SustainCity: Advancing Land Use Transport Interaction Models in Europe
01.07.2011, Bodenmann, Balz R.


Building Scale: Evolutionary Developmental Design Exploration
01.07.2011, Janssen, Patrick


Building Scale: Towards a Continuous, Multiscale and Multiobjective Design Performance Framework
01.07.2011, Schlueter, Arno


Building Scale: Parametric Systems Modeling for Performance-Oriented Design Exploration
01.07.2011, Geyer, Philipp


Building Scale: Learning to Predict
01.07.2011, Yannas, Simos


Panel Discussion
01.07.2011, Schlueter, Arno; Frazer, John; Robinson, Darren; Bodenmann, Balz R.; …