Autodesk Project Vasari has been updated to version 2.5.
Amongst others these are the major enhancements:
  • Work in perspective view (the view is called “Vasari 3D, if the file is opened in Revit it will become a regular axo view)
  • Improved auto-zoning to create energy models from masses.
  • A face extrusion option is added for modeling (can be toggled with the space bar in mass modeling mode)
  • The previously as an add-in available function “Solar Radiation – automatically update on export” is built into the core of Vasari

Hopefully we will see lot and lots of updates on this great tool that is developed by this small passionate team at Autodesk Labs. To follow their activities and provide feedback you can sign up at the social site and interact with the team.

The wiki has been updated to the new version as well:

Download Vasari 2.5 at Autodesk labs here ..

As Project Vasari is a Labs effort and not a full blown final relase software: check out the “Known Issues” at the wiki ..

Video overview:

This video demonstrates the in-canvas Extrude Face tool that you can use to manipulate faces with side edges in order to easily create distinct form extrusions: