Build parametric functionality on top of Project Vasari with a graphical user interface. Autodesk has significantly extended the open source effort of Ian Keough, added additional nodes, and packaged it in an installer for Revit and Project Vasari to make it easier to get up and running. We have also provided 8 new example workflows.

Dynamo is a project started by Ian Keough to provide a code playground for building interesting parametric functionality on top of that already offered by Vasari, and to do so with a graphical interface that allows you to share your work with others less inclined to write code themselves.

Dynamo is an open-source project and anyone with a programming background can download the source, build, extend and contribute back to the community. Autodesk, via Project Vasari, has contributed to the open source effort to help build a critical mass of functionality and community. New nodes and functionality have been added and released as Dynamo for Vasari, thus extending Vasari to support visual programming and computational design on top of a platform that already supports integrated analysis and performance-based design.   The current version runs on top of Revit 2012 and Project Vasari 2.5.
Key new features:
  • User Interface — side panel to allow you to search and then drag and drop new nodes in to place
  • User-created nodes – you can make ‘sub-nodes’ and then reference them elsewhere, these act like writing a reusable function in a programming language
  • Python Scripting node
  • Math, logic and other nodes – many new nodes added to support evaluation,  iteration and looping

Scroll down on the Vasari Labs page and download Dynamo from the “Featured Add-Ins” section.