So it looks like one of my favorite BIM tools is approaching to mature into a product. A Public Beta version of the previous Autdesk Labs project Vasari was just launched on this new site This Beta 1 release will expire on January 31st 2013.

The following features are new or enhanced for Vasari Beta 1:

  • Family editing. Now you can double-click an instance of a family in a project to open the family for editing. See Modifying Families in a Project (or Nested Family).
  • Surface Transparency Sliders. The Ghost Surfaces and Transparent Override options were replaced with a Surface Transparency slider. Now you can set a Surface Transparency override between 0-100 by Element, Category, Filter and View. Access the Surface Transparency slider from the Graphic Display Options dialog, or select an element, right-click, and select Override Graphics in View By Element, By Category, or By Filter.
  • Visualization Graphics. Anti-Aliasing now provides smoother lines for geometry in all views. See Hardware Acceleration.
  • Conceptual Design Environment. You can divide paths, curves, and form edges with nodes that can host components and component arrays. See Associative Division and Component Repetition.
  • Cloud Rendering. With a subscription to select Autodesk products, you can use the Autodesk 360 Rendering service to create photorealistic images and panoramas from any computer. See Cloud Rendering.
  • Revit 2013 file-format compatibility. Compatible with Revit 2013 and includes all the features from previous versions of Project Vasari.

You can download the Vasari Add-ins (Dynamo, Vasari Software Development Kit (SDK), Relationship Viewer, Parametric Sliders, Parameters from Image) from this new location: