The Athena Sustainable Materials Institute and its software partner Morrison Hershfield are pleased to announce a major change to the distribution of the acclaimed whole building life cycle assessment (LCA)-based software tool, the Athena Impact Estimator for Buildings. The Impact Estimator (IE) is now available for free download from

The decision to offer the Impact Estimator as a free download was made in order to significantly increase the user base of the IE within the architectural/engineering design community, as well as the post-secondary education sector, and furthermore to meet the Athena mandate of bringing LCA to the construction sector. By doing so, the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute will be in a better position to continually improve the IE and expand its databases, in order to meet emerging LCA market demands.
In addition to being freely available, this update (Version 4.2) has substantial new features and data that greatly extend the capability of the tool.

New Features and Data:

  • Users can now import their own bill of materials from CAD or other sources.
  • The “Extra materials” input form has been simplified and enhanced.
  • New assemblies have been added: precast concrete columns and beams, and composite metal floors.
  •  New materials have been added: polyiso foam boards with glass and foil facings and Canadian architectural precast panels.
  •  We have updated our data for PVC roof membranes, un-faced polyiso foam boards, gypsum boards, Canadian precast hollow-core panels and double-T beams.
  •  US EPA TRACI impact characterization factors have been updated to v2.0

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