Listen to this 2010 interview with architect Jason McLennan. He designed the Living Building Challenge to raise the bar on green building: meet or exceed what nature provides. While the standards seem impossibly high, it may be simpler than we imagined.

A living building is like a flower, planted and rooted to its place. It collects its energy from the sun. It harvests its water from the rain. This building does not pollute. It engages actively with the environmental around it. And it’s beautiful and inspiring.

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This leading figure in the global green architecture movement challenges us to imagine and demand buildings that operate as elegantly and efficiently as the living structures nature creates. As CEO of Cascadia Green Building Council, author of the Living Building Challenge and co-creator of Pharos (the most advanced building material rating system in North America), he shows breathtaking examples from the worldwide Challenge underway to design buildings that meet or exceed nature’s ecosystem services.