Michael Green is a founding principal at Vancouver’s McFarlane Green Biggar Architecture + Design (mgb). Recognized for his award winning buildings, public art, interiors, landscapes and urban environments, Michael’s reputation has led him to develop a wide range of projects from international airports and skyscrapers to Vancouver’s Ronald McDonald House and modest but unique retail spaces and homes. His work extends around the globe including a current project for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture designing a sustainable community in the mountains of Central Asia.
Michael is dedicated to bringing attention to several of the overwhelming challenges in architecture today. The first is climate change and how the built environment is an enormous contributor to the factors damaging the very environment designers and architects are seeking to improve. The second, is the profound reality that over the next 20 years, 3 billion people, or 40% of the world, will need a new affordable home. In short, solving the world’s massive shelter shortage with today’s building approaches will ironically trigger further environmental turmoil. Michael believes in championing the shift to new ways of building that will compliment the intersection of man’s greatest building challenges.