Have you missed many of those webinars lately too? In this post I am trying to consolidate all of the available Vasari Talk videos from the Autodesk wikihelp site. Come back again to check for updates …

Vasari Talk Session 19: How Accurate are Vasari Analysis Tool

“In this episode, we will discuss Vasari’s various simulation engines and investigate their accuracy. Ian Molloy, Energy Analyst Engineer and Autodesk Product Manager will join us to discuss solar radiation, wind tunnel, the Autodesk climate server, and conceptual energy simulation via Green Building Studio . Lilli Smith, Autodesk User Experience Designer, will also present some convincing data presented at ASHRAE that highlights the importance of automatic zoning in simulating conceptual energy models.” (Download the presentation here: Vasari Talk – Accuracy (2012-10-10).pptx)

Vasari Talk Session 19: Grasshopper to Vasari Panel Discussion


Jon Mirtschin on Geometry Gym

Hiroshi Jacobs on Chameleon

Tim Meador on Project Hummingbird

Nathan Miller on openNURBS


Vasari Talk Session 17: What’s New in Vasari Beta 1

Part 1 – Introduction and Revit 2013 compatibility

Part 2 – Advanced arrays and cloud rendering

Part 3 – What Beta means and Dynam

Session 16: Using Visual Programing to enhance conceptual design and analysis in Autodesk Project Vasari

Matt Jezyk, Sr. Product Manager at Autodesk talks about about the open-source Dynamo Visual Programming add-in which can be used to create advanced computational designs and automated feedback loops.

Session 15: Conceptual Energy Modeling for Early Design Decisions

Understanding big picture energy implications can save time and money by identifying key energy drivers early. Architecture firms can assess the impact of early architectural decisions on energy use. In this course Lura Griffiths, LEED® AP BD+C, E.M.I.T Senior Energy Analyst at Glumac will showcase several examples of real building designs which were analyzed at early stages of design and explain how conceptual energy analysis was used to help guide the design and make significant impacts on energy use.