Did you ever wanted to go beyond the Point in Time daylight simulation possible with the tandem of Radiance and Ecotect and simulate the Daylight Autonomy of a space over the course of a year then you might be interested in the following tutorials from the AutodeskEcoWorkshop YouTube channel.

DAYSIM and Ecotect 1: Export Models to Daysim for Daylighting Analysis and Daylight Autonomy

Learn how to export Ecotect geometry and simulation settings to Daysim for more accurate and validated daylighting studies. Daysim is able to correlate daylight simulations with climate data and has more options for occupancy settings and daylight controls. The Daysim report includes daylight factor (DF), daylight autonomy (DA), useful daylight index (UDI), and Daylight Glare Potential (DGP).

DAYSIM and Ecotect 2: Visualize Daysim Results by Importing them on an Ecotect Grid

Learn how to import Daysim results back into an Ecotect analysis grid, scale data so its comparable, and then export these visuals to Illustrator for side-by-side comparison.

DAYSIM and Ecotect 3: Compare Daysim Results to Find the Best Design Option

Learn how to visually interpret and compare the output of a Daysim analysis using Autodesk Ecotect’s visualization tools in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator. By studying three alternative design concepts, learn how to interpret daylight factor, daylight autonomy, continuous daylight autonomy, daylight autonomy max value, useful daylight illuminances, and daylight saturation percentage.

DAYSIM and Ecotect 4: Lighting Controls and and Occupant Behavior

Learn how to use the powerful tools within Daysim to consider lighting controls and occupant behavior into your daylight simulations. Use the dynamic shading device features to set open and closed conditions, and specify more detailed user requirements and shading control systems. You can reduce electric lighting use by properly simulating manual vs. automatic controls, and active vs. passive users.