The Ecological Urbanism app adapts content from the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s book of the same name for a tablet. Much more than an ebook, it’s an entirely new way of looking at the information interactively.
With the majority of the world’s population expected to live in cities by the year 2050, Ecological Urbanism addresses the expanding practice of sustainable design. A timely evolution of the book, this iPad app visualizes the growing body of discourse surrounding the design and management of cities
By interpreting the content for a tablet experience, the app takes advantage of an interactive, non-linear experience and creates new opportunities for exploring the subject. An interactive map provides a way to search geographically and demonstrates where the hubs of innovative urbanism are unfolding. Users can also browse with a timeline, filterable by scale and keyword, providing another access point to the content.
Perhaps most importantly, with such a vibrant, growing community and collection, the entire collection is supported by a CMS and administrators can update the content as it becomes available.
Harvard Graduate School of Design
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