Project Falcon is a free technology preview that simulates air flow around vehicles, buildings, outdoor equipment, consumer products, or other objects of your choosing in a virtual wind tunnel. Falcon technology is extremely geometry tolerant and easy to use, enabling you to begin seeing and understanding air flow behavior within seconds of starting the application. Results update almost in real-time in response to changes in wind-direction and speed that you specify. Visualization tools available within the Falcon family of applications include 2D and 3D flow lines, shaded result planes, vector plots, and surface pressure shading. Quantified outputs include velocity, pressure, drag force, and drag coefficient.


Compared to the wind tunnel feature in Project Vasari, Falcon for Revit:

  • Uses the latest calc engine that incorporates solver accuracy improvements
  • Is more deeply embedded (in-canvas controls, locks air domain to ground level automatically, uses unit system from BIM model, documents results in the Revit file)
  • Enables design changes concurrent with the simulation
  • Adds measurement points and the ability to account for wind shear
  • On the minus side, does not have all the visualization available within the Ecotect Wind Tunnel (3D flow lines not part of first release)

Find out more on Building Performance Analysis – Better by Design or on the Autodesk Labs page ..