The release of DesignBuilder v3.2 featuring several major enhancements:
·        EnergyPlus v7.2 is the main simulation engine
·        Detailed HVAC templates allow fully connected systems to be loaded to the model
·        ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G constructions and outline baseline HVAC systems included
·        Improved Simple HVAC simulations with options for humidity control, heat recovery and economizer as well as faster auto-sizing
·        Change-over Mixed mode now available for all HVAC and Natural ventilation model options
·        Simulate phase change materials (PCM) in detail
·        Fanger PMV control
·        Custom crack templates
·        Improved IDF generation with user-defined construction and material names now used
·        Many fixes and improvements, especially in Detailed HVAC
…and much more. See the full list of enhancements.
All v3 and annual license holders are able to download and use the new software at no extra cost.
Download v3.2