I like this article by Christine Outram on the idea of ‘form follows feeling’.  She emphasizes in a way the fact that “Performance Indicator’ in building simulation should eventually be more along the lines of Bhutan’s ‘Gross National Happiness‘. Happiness and well-being should be the ultimate indicators in our economies beyond energy use and financial performance.

No wonder architecture has become a niche vocation. You don’t connect with people any more.
The problem is that architects seem to pray at the feet of the latest hyped-up formal language. I dare you. Flip through an architectural magazine today. Find any people in the photographs? I didn’t think so. Find plenty of pictures that worship obscure angles and the place where two materials meet? You betcha.
Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the profession grew up while I wasn’t watching and started throwing more than a cursory glance to the people who would inhabit their buildings. But what really drives it home is that the majority of you never perform post occupancy evaluations! (That one I can’t get over).

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