Now this add-in from Autodesk Labs seems to available worldwide. Let’s find out if it can replace our quite laborious workflows using Ecotect, Radiance, DIALux, Relux or 3ds Max. The Revit 2014 Daylighting Analysis (RDA) plug-in uses the Autodesk 360 Rendering cloud service to perform very fast and physically accurate daylighting analyses from within Revit. In this first release of the plug-in, Autodesk has enabled it to provide LEED IEQc8.1 2009 results for most models in less than 15 minutes once the analysis is started.

This tool offers seamless access to high-speed, physically accurate lighting and daylighting analysis and renderings of your Revit model in the cloud.
The 360 Rendering Illuminance feature allows architects the ability to:
•    Produce visual and analytical renderings of daylighting and electric lighting directly from the Revit model with minimal setup
•    Share results and collaborate remotely between the design, consulting and engineering teams
•    Stay in Revit for both analysis and documentation, avoiding the time and risk of rebuilding the design model in multiple environments
Proper design for daylighting in a building not only saves energy, but helps to create a dynamic, healthy environment. A daylight rendering can also be used for compliance with LEED or other regulatory daylighting credits and to predict daylight harvesting potential.