revitdaylight_01This education session from the Boise Integrated Design Lab features alternative workflows for BIM integrated Daylight Analysis (thanks for sharing).

As Revit evolves and gains more embedded analytical capabilities, its ability to perform daylight analysis is also rapidly evolving. Currently two main workflows exist. The traditional workflow exports geometry and material characteristics from Revit into 3rd party daylight simulation software. Autodesk is rapidly developing a second pathway that allows analysis directly within Revit via a plugin. This month’s BSUG will focus on the export workflow, while March’s BSUG will speak towards embedded daylight analysis capabilities within Revit.
Autodesk has made great strides to streamline the export process for Revit to 3rd party daylight analysis programs. Currently, Revit models can be exported as a GBXML file, a .dxf, or a .dwg. This presentation will cover the strengths and weaknesses of each pathway, while also featuring a demo of each export procedure.

The presenters also have created specific step-by-step procedures on each workflow and published the prezi presentation. As well you can download a poster size pdf of the info-graphic above.

Lauren Hemley – Lauren Hemley is a recent graduate of the Maters of Architecture program at University of Idaho and fulfills a part-time Research Support position at the UI-IDL. She is involved in a wide spectrum of projects at the lab including supporting simulation efforts, detailed climate analysis, project reporting, etc. Lauren also works part-time as an AIT at Point Architects, an architecture firm in the Boise area, as she aims to maintain and incorporate both lines of work.
Ciera Shaver — Ciera is a graduate architecture Student at the UofI Urban Design Center (UDC) in Boise, Idaho. She also works part time as a student intern at the University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab (UI-IDL) and works on a wide range of projects including daylight simulation, urban energy modeling research, and electric lighting research.