Revit Occupancy Schedules from Beginning to End

Presenter: Sash Kazeminejad, Ideate, Inc.
Learn how to create an occupancy schedule based on the current International Building Code. This topic includes how to create a custom schedule that automatically calculates the amount of occupants required in a space based on Revit Area Plans (rooms are very similar), how to set up custom calculation parameters that update occupant amounts if the areas are changed, how to create key schedules that match the International Building Code Tables, and finally, how to create a custom area tag that reports the information from the Occupancy Schedule. We will also learn how to format the schedules to report by level, occupant sub-totals per level and total amount of occupants for the entire building.

Strategies for Program Validation & Tracking

Presenters: Jack Chaffin, Associate, LMN Architects; Tim Logan, Design Technology Manager, LMN Tech Studio
Explore the process of linking spreadsheet data to your Revit® model through various techniques and technologies, from schematic design through construction. Third party add-ins, API driven custom solutions and Rhino/Grasshopper workflows will be presented.
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LMN Space Planning

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LMN developed plugins for space planning and graphic program analysis.