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New Features Summary
New California Building Regulations Title 24 Compliance Tool
IESVE is the first commercial software to be officially approved for commercial building compliance with the new California Building Regulations, Title 24.
Our software provides an alternative calculation method for demonstrating performance compliance with the non-residential provisions of the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 6, and associated administrative regulations in part 1, Chapter 10 (Standards). Plus, there is a new tabular editing feature for use with HVAC zones. Find out more.

VistaPro Custom Variables
Create post-processed user defined variables using one or more existing VistaPro variables. Define the functionality using arithmetic operators, functions, constants and much more. Re-use your custom variable definitions (e.g. comfort, aggregation, correlations, metrics, ratios, instantaneous efficiencies, psychrometrics, signal/control values etc.) on any VE project.
Design Options
Whereas the VE master template feature delivers bulk data copying & rapid automatic seeding of data in to a project, it’s new compliment the design option feature provides a means to make specific and targeted changes to specified data in a project. Design options can contain 1 or more sequential actions (e.g. modify set-point, replace construction, add retrofit insulation to poor constructions, reduce high loads, change efficiency, add a renewable etc) so that you can build up complex options (e.g. add insulation + lower infiltration + new boiler details) that can be used instantaneously or saved and used on any VE project.
VE-Navigator for LEED® 2009 (2012 rev)
Upload ASHRAE 90.1 2007 energy results directly to LEED Online form for credit EA prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Reduction
2 new credits:
SS Credit 4.3: Alternative Transportation – Low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles
SS Credit 2: Development Density and Community Connectivity (Option 2 only)
French Energy Efficiency Standard Réglementation Thermique – RT 2012
New navigator for the RT 2012 export