Zach Kron
Principal Design Strategist for the AEC Conceptual Design group at Autodesk
Dynamo is a graphical algorithm editor that can be used to extend the parametric functionality of Autodesk Revit. It is accessible to both programmers and non-programmers, with the ability to diagrammatically code behavior and define custom functionality. Users can also use Python and Dynamo’s own scripting language for more complex workflows.
This talk will cover some of the general principles of parametric design, and specific implementations of the principles in Revit via Dynamo. Attendees will come away with ideas about how Dynamo can be used in their offices, and resources for getting a deeper understanding of the application.
Zach Kron is Principal Design Strategist for the AEC Conceptual Design group at Autodesk, focusing on Dynamo development. Since 2007, he has worked on the Autodesk® Revit® platform and associated tools creating feature functionality, researching parametric design practices, and generally enjoying technology. In addition to internal teaching and curriculum development at Autodesk, Zach has helped create and run workshops at MIT, ACADIA, Autodesk University and other events, and maintains the Buildz blog. Before joining Autodesk, Zach worked as a designer in several Boston-area architectural offices on projects ranging from furniture to bridges. He has more than fifteen years of professional experience in design.