Simergy v1.3 was released today. You can download it from the Simergy website at:
As all of you know, Simergy is a BIM/BEM application that dramatically reduces the time and complexity required to use DOE’s whole-building energy modeling and performance simulation engine — EnergyPlus. Simergy was designed and developed to meet the advanced building energy modeling needs of architects, mechanical engineers, simulation consultants, energy analysts and sustainability consultants.

Long-Standing Simergy features include:
* Ability to manage and evaluate design alternatives
* Parametric building model creation with the Building Model Creator™
* Libraries of construction materials, building elements, solar shading, schedules, and HVAC equipment, controllers, and sensors.
* Time-saving templates for both conventional and low-energy HVAC systems, daylighting controls, natural ventilation, zone loads, zone conditions, simulation configuration, and simulation results
* Drag-and-drop HVAC schematic editing that can be used to both customize standard templates and to create innovative HVAC designs from scratch
* Customized summary reports and interactive results visualization that allow simulation results explored individually, at different levels of detail, and across multiple design alternatives

Improvements in this version:
* Expanded/improved libraries and templates
* Improved support for Daylighting and Natural Ventilation
* Absorption chillers are now supported
* Improved weather data support – both download from server and custom weather files
* Expanded support for splitters and mixers on the demand side of water loops
* Bug fixes in simulating with hand-edited IDF files
* Operative temperature of thermostat

New Features coming in a Professional version (to be released later this year):
* Support for EnergyPlus v8
* 2D to 3D tools for converting drawings into building models
* Import of BIMs from industry leading design applications
* Improved building model creation tools
* Automatic diagramming of imported HVAC systems
* Support for Dual and Triple-duct air loops
* Support for primary/secondary water loops
* Support for Steam loops
* Support for Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) equipment
Note: these advanced features are NOT included in standard Simergy. Users interested in participating in the Beta Test Program for Simergy Pro should send an email request to:

A series of video tutorials and guides to using Simergy, and understanding its capabilities is available on the Simergy website at:

Simergy has been funded by a private-public partnership led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Partners include the US DOE, the California Energy Commission, Digital Alchemy, Trane, Infosys, Hydro-Québec and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Simergy has been developed primarily by Digital Alchemy.