On October 30, the development team updated the technology preview for the Revit Credit Manager for LEED at Autodesk Labs. This update includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements based on Autodesk Labs Community feedback as well as addition of a new credit calculator, MRC4 – Recycled Content. And based on our most popular request, the technology preview was updated to support Revit 2015.

The Revit Credit Manager for LEED allows you to automate calculations as well as streamline the submittals conveniently from inside Revit for the following LEED 2009 credits: Daylighting (IEQ 8.1 Option 1 and Option 2), Views (IEQ8.2), Water Use Reduction (WEp1, WEC3 for LEED NC or WEC2 in LEED CI), and Recycled Content (MRc4).

Via the It’s Alive in the Lab blog ..