On May 8th the father of Dynamo, Ian Keough, stopped by the CASE office to discuss Dynamo’s future. It’s no secret we’re fans of Dynamo and use it lot in our own production at CASE, so it was a real treat to hear about Autodesk’s roadmap. From UI improvements to connecting Dynamo with robots, there is a lot to look forward to!
Over 100 people logged on to stream the presentation live, but if you missed it we’ve included the recording above, which covers:

  • Dynamo Studio – a recently announced standalone application that lets you run Dynamo without Revit!
  • Programming in Dynamo – what you can expect to change.
  • UI updates – automatic updates of the graph, colored previews, groups.
  • Geometry – the ASM geometry kernel and new support for meshes.
  • Revit – the current priorities in integrating with Revit.
  • Custom nodes – improvements to visualization and workspaces.
  • Packages – put your packages anywhere.
  • Optimization workflows – awesome packages that people are using.
  • Robots – general purpose robots library for Dynamo!
  • Support – better documentation, better examples.
  • Rhynamo – Nate showed the work CASE has been doing with integrating Dynamo and Rhino.
  • Stockroom – Matt discussed how Stockroom has been helping us use Dynamo with Revit.

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