BIM script™is an open and freely available scripting language as well as a BIM object authoring solution, BIMobject® LENA.

The solution is scalable and can describe products and components in a very intelligent way, creating configurable objects with parametric variations and different levels of detail. BIMscript™ is a subset of the C programming language and enables smart objects to be created in BIMobject® LENA and then hosted and managed in the BIMobject® cloud.

Operating in the cloud BIMscript™ generates intelligent, native BIM objects in a number of formats for the most popular BIM applications from Autodesk, Graphisoft, and Trimble with the potential for more in the future. It also generates objects in commonly used formats such as IFC, 3DS, DWG and WebGL.

A significant gap in the industry has been the lack of a modern and powerful scripting language to enable BIM objects to be developed freely and in several useable formats. BIMscript™ includes not only parametric behaviors but also includes calculations, product logic, level of detail (with several levels of complexity of geometry and geometry combinations), and includes a huge range of properties and attributes.

LENA is an Authoring App for the mechanical 3D CAD system Rhino that will generate BIMscript™. It is a solution in which mechanical CAD geometry can be imported from most Mechanical CAD systems, including industry leading products like CATIA, Solidworks, SolidEdge, IGES, NX, JT, Inventor and Pro E. Rhino is the host platform for BIMobject® LENA in which BIMscript™ is generated and works in combination with the modeling and optimisation features of Rhino.

BIMobject® LENA requires the developer to have a commercial license of Rhino (Windows) and an accreditation from BIMobject® before it can be used. BIMobject® LENA is very easy to use and within it all syntax controls, testing and creation of the generated BIMscript™ takes place. The result is an advanced and unique solution to create parametric and intelligent BIM objects from Mechanical CAD data. BIMobject® LENA is directly connected to the BIMobject® Cloud providing a seamless workflow to publish objects and also includes connection to the corresponding product information stored in property sets in the BIMobject Cloud.

With the release of BIMobject® LENA for Rhino and BIMscript™, BIMobject® can now offer partners, 3rd party developers, manufacturers and even users of the new platform – Hercules – a new streamlined process to transition from Mechanical CAD to intelligent BIM objects, managed through cloud services.

With this new technology and solution, BIMobject® takes another significant leap forward as the indisputable leader and frontrunner in BIM for construction product manufacturers and Digital Construction Content Management.