ISHRAE (The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) announced the Web  release of a new set of “typical year” weather files for 62 locations in India. This new set of ISHRAE weather files was created with the help of White Box Technologies (USA) utilizing weather data from various sources, including the Indian Bureau of Meteorology, the US National Center for Environmental Data (NCEI), and  satellite-derived solar radiation data from the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).
36 of the weather files  (ISHRAE2) are entirely new, while 26 (ISHRAE1M) are from an earlier 2005 set of ISHRAE weather files  with updated solar radiation.

This new weather data can be accessed in several ways:

1.  ISHRAE’s 2014 publication Indian Weather Data with the data files on DVD (see  here for details).

2.  Free web download of individual weather files at the following two sites:    (*.CSV, *.epw, *.BINM, and *.FIN)  (*.epw only)

Technical details about these weather files are explained in this paper presented Dec. 7 at the BS 2015 conference in Hyderabad.

ISHRAE acknowledges the support of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power of the Government of India , and the technical work of White Box Technologies in creating these weather files.

If there are any questions about these weather files, please send e-mail to